Medical plan solutions and services customized for your needs.

FBHC partners exclusively with Florida Blue for our medical plans. In addition to providing access to competitive medical benefits, FBHC plans include technology solutions and administrative services— easing the administrative burden of your HR team.

Key Advantages

  • Larger groups share less risk
  • Overhead expenses are spread over larger member base
  • As the group grows, the administrative costs decrease
  • Streamlined enrollment and administrative services
  • Full service support and a team of benefits professionals
  • Small groups have access to benefits reserved for larger groups
  • Full suite of benefits including dental, life, disability, and voluntary programs
  • Large groups can leverage their size to extract more value from the insurance carriers
  • TelaDoc telehealth services included


TelaDoc is the first and largest provider of telehealth medical consults in the United States. Simply connect via phone, video, or mobile app and get an on-demand medical consult no matter the location.

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Compare FBHC Pool Medical Plans

Florida Blue PPO Plans
FBA PPO 0116
FBA PPO 03769
FBA PPO 0208
FBA PPO 0401
FBA PPO 0307
FBA PPO 05360
FBA PPO 0503
FBA PPO 05904
FBA PPO 0606

Florida Blue HDHP (H/S/A Compatible) Plans
FBA HSA 0110/0111
FBA HSA 0212/0213

FBA HSA 0314/0315
FBA HSA 05172/05173

Florida Blue HMO Plans
FBA HMO 0117
FBA HMO 0204
FBA HMO 0305
FBA HMO 0402

Blue Care HMO-HDHP Plans
FBA HMO 126/127
FBA HMO 128/129
FBA HMO 122/123

Full Wellness Program for FBHC members.

FBHC offers a full wellness program that includes challenges and incentives along with a dedicated wellness coordinator to assist you with employee communications and engagement. Research shows companies that implement a wellness program are more successful in improving morale while reducing overall healthcare costs.

Key Advantages

  • Fewer sick days and absenteeism
  • Reduced worker’s compensation claims
  • Keep healthcare costs down

Don’t let your Florida Bank go another minute without access to these exclusive medical plan and wellness program benefits.